Sunday, 5 February 2017

Kanum Thai in Dublin

Hey all!

I'm finally settling into the Ireland a little better now. Tammy and I have moved to a great part of Dublin, and I almost have a bank account.

We tried one of our local pubs on Friday, but after our dear friend Cormac's 40th birthday party last night, the last thing I want to think and write about is anything pub-related.

I was really craving fried chicken tonight, but when am I not craving that shit? You can never go wrong with fried chicken.

Pad Thai (Chicken & Prawn) from Kanum Thai @ Brewji IE
Photo: Brewji
Either way, Tammy was feeling Thai food, and we decided to order delivery from Kanum Thai, which Tam spotted as she zoomed into Google Maps in our neighbourhood.

Ordering online was simple enough, and the food arrived really quickly.

Aromatic Duck Roll from Kanum Thai @ Brewji IE
Photo: Brewji

First up, we tried the Aromatic Duck Rolls. I know these aren't Gluten-Free, but Crohn's is picky sometimes and I had a good feeling about these. I'll admit, I've never ordered duck from a restaurant before. These rolls had a thin, supportive pancake on the outside, and the leek + cucumber julienne alongside the duck paired really well with the hoi san dip.

Tammy went crazy for these guys, and for good reason.

Chicken Curry Puff from Kanum Thai @ Brewji IE
Photo: Brewji

Next up, we had Chicken Curry Puffs. Yes, as the brown man I ordered the damn samosas. But holy hell were they ever delicious! It's like having a thai curry infused into a samosa filling, wrapped in a lighter pastry and fried perfectly. You'll notice I never got a cross-section of these...because I just shoved them into my face.

I am absolutely in love with these things. I could eat a plate full of these and not even need a main course. This was my selling point, knowing we'd be ordering from Kanum at some point again in the near future.

Roasted Duck from Kanum Thai @ Brewji IE
Photo: Brewji

Now, for the mains! We'll start with Tammy's. She got their Sunday Special, which lucky for her (seeing as she loves duck so much), was Roasted Duck.

I just asked her how she'd describe her dish, and she responded with "...DELICIOUS. Is that enough?" Nah, she says more.

"The sauce was perfectly portioned. There wasn't too much, so I wasn't eating BBQ sauce with a little bit of duck. It was a lot of duck, with a flavouring of a thai-inspired BBQ sauce." It's true. I had a few bites of her duck dish, and I quite enjoyed it!

Pad Thai with Chicken & Prawns from Kanum Thai @ Brewji IE
Photo: Brewji

However, now we'll get to my main: Pad Thai. You can't go wrong with this classic. You've got rice noodles, prawns, chicken breast, egg, peanuts, and a delicious sauce that melds it all together into a one-container super-meal.

If you've ever had Pad Thai, you'd know a general idea of what to expect. Tammy? It was her first time (yes, I see the opportunity for that joke but I enjoy being happily married).

For me, this was hands-down the best Pad Thai I've ever eaten. The ingredients taste fresh, and the prawns were so juicy! The sauce was full of flavour, but not overpowering. The rice noodles cooked perfectly, and slices of chicken breast were thin and cooked just right. The crunch of crushed peanuts gave the dish depth, and a bit of lime juice squeezed over each bite just made it heavenly.

All in all, there were definitely sex noises made as we devoured all this food. The best part? We got it delivered and we only spent about €35 for an amount of food that would have surely been labelled family-sized.

Kanum Thai: Incredible Thai Food.
Food: 9
Service: N/A (Delivery)
Value($): 8.5
Would we order again? YES

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