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5 New Brews @ Gasworks Pub


For the first time in over a year, I'm doing a night of beer tasting. I'm at the point where a little gluten isn't killing me as bad as it used to. Plus, I can always rely on Buscopan in times of peril. It's something that's apparently not legal in Canada / USA, because it actually works and prevents the need for other medication.

Anyways, Tammy and I went for beer tasting and a burger at Gasworks Pub, attached to the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin.

We ordered a 3-brew taster flight each (3 Beers for €5). There were 5 different beers, as we both wanted to try the Stormy Port.

Tammy ordered:
White Gypsy Ruby Ale, Fisher Helles Lager, Stormy Port
@ Gasworks Pub
Photo: Brewji
Let me just say, Tammy asked me to pick beers off the board for her to try, because it was so far away and small that she couldn't read it from where she was sitting. Luckily, I look like a dork and I wear glasses. So they came in handy for once.

Here are the brews I picked for her (pictured left to right):

1. White Gypsy Ruby Irish Red Ale (ABV 4.6%) by White Gypsy Brewery, Ireland (pictured left)
I just saw the words "Gypsy Ruby" on the board, and I decided this reminded me of Parallel 49's Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale.

For a 'ruby' ale, this didn't have much redness or amber flavourings to boot. I got nothing on the nose, a very mild hop note on the tongue, but what made it really delicious was the velvety texture from the nitro. Essentially, this beer was moderately tasteless but just went down so well. It's the first taste of beer I've had in a long time! That's probably why we're giving it such a good rating.

Tammy even says "Not much flavour to this one, but it's so smooth!" Much appreciated. Generally anything on nitro is a good bet.

Tammy: 8/10
Me: 7/10

2. Fischer's Helles (ABV 5.2%) by Fischer Brewery, France  (pictured middle)
Well, this was essentially yellow nothingness in a glass. Cold, tasteless suds that could be shotgunned at a frat party (or used in a game of beer pong, if you're one of my kind). Either way, it was cold and it went down without a fight.

Imagine drinking a Molson, but without that nasty corn-like taste because this beer didn't have a taste. If this is your kind of beer, I'm sure there's a cheaper option out there for you. There was no beer pong table, unfortunately, or I would have cleaned house.

Tammy: 4/10
Me: 3/10

3. Stormy Port Irish Porter (4.8% ABV, 31 IBU) by Galway Bay Brewery, Ireland (on the right)
This is the beer that both of us wanted to try. Galway Brewery maintains the standard beer here, and we were excited to see what and Irish brewery's 'Irish Porter' would taste like.

On their website, Galway Bay Brewery claim this beer has "roasted coffee notes" and "certain sweetness" and "chocolate notes".

Unfortunately, this had less body than a glass of sparkling water and less taste than the Twilight series. I'm sorry, but I haven't had a glass of beer in a year and this was both underwhelming and disappointing. I mean, I get that it's a dark glass of sudsy water, but it doesn't change how much this isn't a porter—at all.

Maybe it was just the end of the keg? Or a bad pour? Or the wrong beer entirely? Our server did say she was new and knew nothing about beer...

Tammy: 5/10
Me: 3.5/10

I ordered:
Black Forest, Founders All Day IPA, Stormy Port
@Gasworks Pub
Photo: Brewji
4. Black Forest Cherry Porter (ABV 6.2%) by Galway Bay Brewery, Ireland (pictured left)
Honestly, I couldn't tell what type of beer this was from reading over top of people's shoulders across the bar on the board. I just read the words "Black Forest" on the board, thought of black forest cake and hoped for the best.

What did I get? A glass full of dark stuff. It ended up tasting like an "extra stout". Nothing disappointing, but nothing really special. It's a stout for sure, but it kind of tasted like a glass of stale, light-bodied Guinness.

After research, I found that this beer was supposed to be a cherry porter. There was absolutely no nose or taste of cherries. There wasn't even the smoothness or distinct porter taste. I'm sorry, but this *has* to be the wrong beer.

I'm betting that this isn't the best of Ireland's craft beer scene. If it is, step aside because I'll out-brew all these chumps. A blahhhh stout-wannabe that makes me want to crawl back to Canada.

Tammy: 6/10
Me: 5/10

5. Founders All Day IPA (ABV 4.7%) (pictured middle)
This was my last hope to have something redeeming drink-wise for the night. Fear not, friends! North America has come to the rescue (again!). Founders brewing from Michigan, USA makes their "All Day IPA", which I'll admit I've never had until tonight.

The flavours of this mid-west-brewed West Coast IPA definitely come through. Even on the nose (where most of the beer was lacking tonight).

It's citrusy, and it's got notes of hops and a little malt as well. However, there's no lingering bite of an aftertaste. It's quite crisp in that way, and it's definitely something I can drink all day! Even Tammy liked it, and she's not a fan of IPAs.

Very sessionable, and medium-bodied. It's one taste that reminded me of being back at home. Thank you, Founders.

Tammy: 8/10
Me: 9/10


Steak Burger (added Red Cheddar and Bacon) with Chips
@Gasworks Pub
Photo: Brewji

In addition, we were hungry as balls! It was a hectic work week, and I hadn't had any dinner. We each decided on a Steak Burger with Chunky Chips (€13.50 + €1.25 Bacon + €1.25 Cheese + €1 GF Bun).

The patty was enormous. I'm talking the size of 1.5 Red Robin patties, and the quality of the beef was superb. It was so tender, so juicy, and really flavourful!

The gluten-free buns were actually quite good. They maintained their texture and were soft enough that you'd think they were regular burger buns! Not sure where they get their burger buns, but I'd for sure like some for home!

The cheese melded in with the patty to make it extra rich, and the sauces just dripped from the burger and my chin, each bite more foodgasmic than the last. The lettuce added the needed crunch (and veggie serving), while the tomato brought some freshness to each bite.

Hands down, this is one of my all-time favourite burgers. I will be back—mark my words. Maybe next week?

It's just...the size of the burger was so big! We only managed 3 beer tasters each. After the burger, we could only get through so many chips! And these were proper chunky chips. I'd definitely order a side of these the next time I have their wings.

I give the Steak Burger a tasty-as-f&ck 9.5 / 10
Tammy gives the Steak Burger an "omnomnom" 9.5 / 10

A Note to Galway Bay Brewery:

  • I'd sure love a taste/tour of the Galway Bay stuff, because I'm almost 99% sure that what I was served wasn't the beer I ordered. 
  • I've heard so many better things about your products, and I'd like to personally make sure I'm tasting the correct beers. 
  • We weren't keen when the server said she had no knowledge of I want to make sure my reviews are accurate. 
  • Plus, I want to make sure I have something delicious that I can take home in growlers!

Gasworks Pub: GET. IN. MAH. BELLEH.
Food: 9.5
Service: 7
Value($): 9
Would we return? HELL YEAH!

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