Friday, 31 July 2015

Steamworks Frambozen Pricing!

Hey everyone! I popped by Steamworks on Wednesday night after work, seeing as the fireworks caused a zoo-like line-up at Waterfront Skytrain Station. As I sat down with Tammy and immediately ordered a pint of the delicious Steamworks Frambozen, I started to look at the menu.

The beer is delicious, don't get me wrong. I've reviewed it before (check it out here: Brewji - Steamworks Raspberry Frambozen ), and I would absolutely purchase one again. What I'm really confused about is the pricing. Take a look below:

Portion of the Steamworks Brewing Beer Menu @ Steamworks, Downtown Vancouver, BC
Photo: Brewji

You'd think that ordering a bigger glass of beer would cost either the *same* or *cheaper*, right? Well, if you're ordering at Steamworks, that bigger glass will (the case of the Frambozen) cost you more. If you take a look at the math below (trust me, I hate math, but if someone is screwing me over on my beer, I do care), you'll see that you're being charged extra per ounce of beer.

First off, we have the Oatmeal Stout. It costs relatively the same, but a pitcher will save you a ton! This is how selling beer should work.

Oatmeal Stout
10oz / $3.70 | You're paying 37 cents / ounce of beer.
18oz / $6.75 | You're paying 37.5 cents / ounce of beer
64oz / $17.25 | You're paying 27 cents / ounce of beer

I'm not bothered by this at all.

However, take a look at the beer I came here for: The Frambozen. Keep in mind, I'm not going to have just one!

10oz / $3.60 | You're paying 36 cents / ounce of beer
12oz / $4.95 | You're paying 41.3 cents / ounce of beer
16oz / $6.50 | You're paying 40.6 cents / ounce of beer

I regularly get together with groups of friends from work, let's say 10 people. I don't want to get all high-school math problem on you, but if we all ordered (let's keep it conservative) three 12oz sleeves of Frambozen, we would be paying $14.85 each person for 36oz of beer. That's an over-charge of almost $2 / person...which is $20/table. Think about that for a minute.

I don't mean to bring you guys down, but if I'm ordering more of your product, I'd think the prices should at least stay the *same*.

Let's just say, I'll be ordering my Frambozen in 10oz format from now on so my beer doesn't warm up + cost me more as I drink it. The "regulars" list (at the top) makes more sense for pricing...but let's not nickel and dime us, eh?

Here's the math for the remaining beers:

Gose / Pale Ale / Empress IPA / Lionsgate Lager / Pilsner / Killer Cucumber Ale
10oz / $3.60 | You're paying 36 cents / ounce of beer
18oz / $6.50 | You're paying 36 cents / ounce of beer
64oz / $16.75 | You're paying 26 cents / ounce of beer

White Angel IPA
10oz / $4.15 | You're paying 41.5 cents / ounce of beer
12oz / $4.95 | You're paying 41.3 cents / ounce of beer
18oz / $7.50 | You're paying 41.6 cents / ounce of beer

(Oatmeal Stout + Frambozen is up above!)

Gastown Saison
10oz / $3.60 | You're paying 36 cents / ounce of beer
16oz / $5.50 | You're paying 34.4 cents / ounce of beer


So there you have it. To some people, this post might be irrelevant. To people like me, I don't like it when someone cheaps me out when I'm a paying customer. I'm going to order beer regardless; why charge me more for ordering more?

Thanks for reading, and here's a picture of that 16oz Frambozen that I really enjoyed. You can also see it on my Instagram, Brewji.


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