Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Postmark - Apple Cinnamon Pale Ale

Guess what? Postmark Brewing made a beer from one of my Twitter suggestions!

That, and life's been hectic since my last post. Switched jobs, and now I'm in school + working + craft beer tasting + spending time with my Irish princess. Life's good.

Right, onto this brew review:

I popped into Postmark with Tammy, and it was a LOT fancier than we anticipated. It's in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and not in the most well-kempt area either. What we discovered was a collaboration between Belgard Kitchen, Vancouver Urban Winery, and Postmark Brewing.

It's Earls-like prices, in a way-higher-than-Earls class dining establishment. That, and they do growler fills straight from Postmark themselves! I met Tyler in the Growler station area, and he's going to be giving me two growlers full of beer for suggesting such an awesome beer (totally not bragging, hehe).

Postmark Brewing "Apple Cinnamon Pale Ale" @ Postmark Brewing, Vancouver BC
Photo: Brewji

The brew itself is a pale golden colour with a reddish hue. Tammy and I got a pint each. Sadly, each pint was $7.50 -- I'm lucky I'm getting some free or I wouldn't be back at those prices.

The ale smells like a homemade apple pie. You've got your scents of Granny Smith apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and even something like a golden pie crust? Maybe it's just nostalgia. Full points for smell nonetheless.

On taste, it's half of what it smells like (up front), and a forward cinnamon flavour (in the middle). followed by a finish that consists of the first flavour, with a linger of hops. Not sure what kind of hops they used, but I quite like it!

I wish they didn't sell out so quickly, but it's their EXK (Experimental Keg) series. Be sure to follow @PostmarkBrewing on Instagram so you can have a chance at getting your suggestion made into a beer!

Overall, if this was available at a bar, and they called it the "Cinnamon Apple Pie Ale" - I'm sure everyone would at least try it once, if not in a pint glass, in a taster glass. Hell, I'd probably repeat it in my taster flights just to get something wacky, that I *know* will taste good.

Great job guys! Looking forward to more of the EXK series!

I give the Apple Cinnamon Pale Ale a Brewj-ified 8.0 / 10

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