Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Windstorm Pale Ale by Stanley Park Brewing

Well, I'm back after a 3 month Brewji hiatus. I had to sort out things like how I'd pay the bills with a new job and all that jazz. In the meantime, I've sampled 100s of craft beers, and boy, do I have quite the line-up for you folks. I'd like to start my first with one of the brews I received courtesy of a kind courier (who didn't drink the beer like the last one did!). I received the Windstorm Pale Ale (5.7% ABV) from Stanley Park Brewing. 

Stanley Park Brewing - Windstorm Pale Ale
Photo: Brewji

It's got a solid-looking green coloured can, with the SPB logo. But what's this attached to the can? It's a tree! Do you remember the great windstorm of 2007 that wreaked havoc in Stanley Park? This brew has been created to commemorate the efforts of the rebuilding of Stanley Park.

Enough about the packaging and extras...let's get to the brew itself!

It pours a golden orange copper, with a little bit of lacing along the top. The scents I picked up were hops, pine, and a little hint of citrus. It's got the right characteristics of an American-style Pale Ale. On first sip, it's stronger than its scents. It has a mild sharpness to it, with a bit of orange peel, bread-y malt, and has a little floral hops to it as well.

Stanley Park Brewing - Windstorm Pale Ale
Photo: Brewji

Overall, the flavours swing well together and create a well-rounded few sips. The beer itself, outside of the Stanley Park rebuilding effort, is worth a go. If you see this in the liquor store, grab a couple of cans and support the rebuilding effort while enjoying a drink or two! It's a solid pale ale that meets the expectations, with a little extra flavour.

The Stanley Park Brewing Windstorm Pale Ale gets a rebuilding-my-blog-posts 8.0 / 10

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