Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stanley Park Brewing - Ice Breaker Launch Party!

What do ya know? I was invited to the Stanley Park Brewing launch party for their Ice Breaker (5.5% ABV; 20 IBU) Winter Ale!

The night started off great, as I was greeted by Neesha and the gang at the door. I got to join a few SPB staff at their table, along with my girlfriend. There were a couple of "ice breaker" activities such as Bingo, and getting our picture taken in the Instagram cut-out. There was even a live-carved ice sculpture beer luge! Todd Fowler, the Brew Master poured an inaugural first pour down the luge and into people's glasses.

Todd Fowler, Brewmaster -- Celebrating with an inaugural "First Pour" into a lucky man's glass.
Stanley Park Brewing - Ice Breaker Launch Party @ The London Pub
Photo: Brewji

What was the brew like? Well, you can see I'm still in a happy mood. The brew starts off with a roasted malt-y cocoa, with a hint of sweetness like a maraschino cherry was dipped in dark chocolate. Now, I'm not plugging anyone here, but since my woman and I both hold seasonal positions at a ...local chocolatier... we were immediately reminded of their Cordial Cherries! Overall though, as Todd said best, it brings back memories of black forest cake. The finish leaves a nice, not too bitter (although I kind of wish it was) after-taste.

My first glass of the SPB Ice Breaker Winter Ale!
@ The London Pub
Photo: Brewji

The low carbonation and low bitterness make it a not-too-heavy but still drinkable brew. They say it's brewed in a porter-style, but it's nothing as heavy as any other porter I've tried. It's a nice change-up to the macro-brewed winters like the GIB and Whistler ales, seeing as they focus more on vanilla and caramel-based ales.

Overall, I'd say this is definitely a more-than-drinkable seasonal brew. I quite like the direction the brewery is headed, and I'd pick this up at the liquor store over most other competition. There's a picture below of the label, in case you want pick some up. They sent me home with a couple of brews, and one is in the picture.

Stanley Park Brewing "Ice Breaker" Winter Ale
Photo: Brewji

This isn't a plug for the beer or the brewery, but go and break the ice with someone special...if you know what I mean.

I give the SPB Ice Breaker a double-enrobed-cherry-in-dark-chocolate 8.5 / 10
Tammy gives the SPB Ice Breaker an 8 / 10

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