Monday, 11 August 2014

Beer and Food Tasting / Pairing @ Spud Shack!

You know that moment in your life when you get to one of your favourite restaurants and they treat you like royalty? Oh, well I do now!

I normally don't blog about food. Why? Because I'd look like a disgusting pig if I did. However, this food post has to do with Beer + Food Pairings. So sit tight, drool, and then go get some food + brews this weekend.

I had a meeting to discuss a possible event in the near future, where we may pair the wonderful foods from Spud Shack (yes, different poutines, burgers, sandwiches, dipping sauces, etc.) with different *local* craft beers!

First off, I'd like to say that there is a poutine at Spud Shack that isn't on their menu yet (officially)! Want to try it? Ask for the "Night Market Poutine"!

What's on it? Well, from what I remember, it's Spud Shack's signature Belgian fries, with their house gravy and cheese curds to start. Loaded on top, is a mix of kimchi, spicy mayo (if I remember correctly?), ginger beef, green onions, and topped off with crispy wontons.

If you think Spud Shack just a poutine place, are you ever mistaken! I mean, all I ever really tried there was a few kinds of poutines (I'm a stick-to-my-favourites type of guy). However, as pictured, you can see the colossal "Effin' Good Burger" as the owner Dan called it. And that's exactly what it was.

Night Market Poutine; Effin' Good Burger @ Spud Shack Fry Co.
Bridge Brewing Hopilano IPA
Dead Frog The Classic Nut Brown Ale

The brew I had been given to pair the Night Market Poutine with, was from Bridge Brewing Company in North Vancouver. It's the Hopilano IPA (6% ABV; 59 IBU). On first sniff, the Hopilano brings a pine-y, malty, citrus note. A little more malty than hoppy for an IPA. On taste, the smells are confimed. Although I do agree that this would be a decent pairing for craft beer lovers, I also suggested perhaps an ISA to go along with the poutine.

The Hopilano IPA gets a solid, poutine-pairing-worthy 8.0 / 10

Next up, the EffinGood Burger (was it ever!). I was given the Dead Frog (from Aldergrove) Classic Nut Brown Ale (5% ABV; 20 IBU). If you've never had it, this should be your bar that you set for all other brown ales. The aroma is caramel-malt, with a touch of hops and nuttiness. The taste follows suit, with a little more of a cream-ale mouthfeel than most brown ales I've tasted. It's a good pairing, but I also suggested something along the lines of a dark ale (not quite a stout), or perhaps a coffee porter. Dan mentioned the Whistler "Valley Trail Chestnut Ale" goes well with it too, as it's a sweeter, nuttier winter ale. I completely agreed.

Unlike the Uber Nutter, the Dead Frog "The Classic" Nut Brown Ale gets a still-good 7.5 / 10

If you think you'd be interested in an Beer + Food Pairing event, tweet me @Brewji


  1. I think a few of us have to get together at Spud Shack and determine the best beer to pair with each poutine option they have. I loved the Snapshot with the BBQ Pulled Pork, the tartness of the Snapshot worked wonders with the tangy BBQ sauce. For the regular salty, gravy cheese curds I actually think Saison Dupont might be the winner, but need to try it. Great review - I wonder if they would give us bloggers a deal?

  2. Funny that you mention the Dupont :) That's where I first tried it!

    Right now, we're hoping to prepare a local craft beer pairing with their food. Not sure about deals for local bloggers, but I like your suggestion about the Snapshot with the BBQ Pulled Pork :)