Monday, 1 December 2014

311 Helles Lager from Coal Harbour Brewing

I was feeling a little stressed from work, and wanted something that wouldn't taste like Green Leaf (they're the new butt end of my former Molson jokes), but still go down smooth. Seeing as most North American econo-lagers are tasteless and bleak, I decided to set my sights on the Coal Harbour Brewing - 311 Helles Lager (ABV 5%). In my past experiences, I've had Helles Lagers and they've been quite reasonable. So, what better choice than a new brewery I haven't explored, and something that might actually taste good?

I took a quick picture of the can, because taking a picture of the beer after it was poured into a glass just wasn't on my mind that day. I can tell you though that it appears a thin, golden yellow straw colour. It looks like every other watered down brew, and that's why I wasn't so excited to show a picture of it. However, one thing I've learned is to not judge a brew by its colour.

Coal Harbour Brewing Company - 311 Helles Lager
Photo: Brewji

On scent, I get hints of a little hops, that are slightly floral. Yes, a hops scent in a Helles Lager. Maybe some malt too? Not too sure, but it's quite pale so it could be anything.

The first sip reveals a thin, smooth, low carbonated, easy drinking beer. However, it's still got enough flavour to make me want another sip. This is pretty much exactly what I needed on that day. It's a solid, affordable Helles Lager, that isn't going to break your bank. It's sold chilled in an 8-pack for around $15. Overall, it's your choice whether you want a boring econo-lager, or this one for the same price.

I give the 311 Helles Lager a stress-relieving 8.0 / 10
Tammy gives the 311 Helles Lager a 7.0 / 10

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