Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tin Whistle - Scorpion Double IPA

Have you ever dug up a compost pile full of citrus fruits, grabbed the nastiest, mouldy piece of citrus peel, and just taken a bite out of it? Welcome to the "Big, Bold, Extreme" taste of the Tin Whistle Brewing Co.'s Scorpion Double IPA (8% ABV).

On first smell, this beer hit really hard. I could smell very, very strong citrus. It smelled like the taste of accidentally biting into an old orange peel, along with hops, lots of hops and some strange confusing smells. I couldn't dissect the smell because the strength was so overwhelming. Either way, I still wanted to try it.

On first sip, I coughed a lot, the flavour was so overwhelming. It wasn't good. Then the after-taste kicked in. Why would anyone brew something like this and try to sell it? I've tasted home-brews with more merit.

This beer tastes like a rotten grapefruit decomposed into fertilizer, and was poured into an IPA that could have been drinkable. I'm sorry to say, but the guys at Tin Whistle should just stay away from anything to do with an IPA. I felt immediately nauseated after about 3 sips of this beer.

I've had my fair share if IPAs, and double, even triple IPAs. None have ever been so nausea-inducing. This honestly tastes like I left a grapefruit, orange, and perhaps a baby mandarin in my locker for a full school year before I decided to nibble on them.

The best positive remark about this beer? Before I opened the bottle, I still thought it was cool. Like a poorly written book, the further you go into it, the more disappointed you are.

Maybe it was just my bottle, but you must really not judge this beer by its label. I made a newbie mistake by seeing a cool-looking scorpion on the label, followed by the words Big, Bold, and Extreme. I then looked and found the Tin Whistle Brewing Company signature - I figured it'd be good because I like some of their other brews.

Sorry to say, Tin Whistle, but you've come up a bit rusty on this one. Maybe it's time to stick to what you're good at. Either that or give me another one to sample, to make sure it wasn't just a bad batch.

The Tin Whistle Brewing Co. Scorpion Double IPA gets a "donate-this-to-the-sink-it-must-be-thirsty" 2.0 / 10

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