Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Espresso IPA? I think so!

Let's face it, we've seen espresso put into all sorts of stouts, porters, hard liqueurs, coffee liqueurs, and the list goes on. What about any other type of beer? Well, the folks at Tree Brewing Company in Kelowna have created one of the most unique and delicate beers that I've come across.

I was at the checkout of the liquor store on Willingdon and E. Hastings when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the bottle of Molto Bella Espresso IPA (ABV 4.8%). I couldn't resist exiting the store without picking this up, and I'm even skipping all the brews I had in queue just so I can review this one tonight.

I'm guessing this is a limited brew, so I may as well review it now and let you know about it. I'm excited, can you tell?

Photo Credit: Mark Burnham / MarkBurnhamPhotography.com
I popped the top of this beautiful bottle, poured it into the glass (as pictured), and even before sniffing this brew up close, I could smell hints of espresso. Seeing that this isn't a stout or porter, I wasn't sure how it would actually turn out. I put the brew up to my nose, took a small sniff and made out a strong espresso overtone, with slight hints of grapefruit, citrus-y scents, and other standard IPA smells. I don't know how to describe it, other than delicious.

Without hesitation, I took my first sip and the flow between espresso and IPA was flawless. I didn't even think this was possible, but the two flavours worked in harmony. There is a feeling of surprise, ever so delicately when you discover this taste. It's a good feeling - just don't chug this baby.

I'll admit, I drank it pretty quickly myself. It's too bad it only comes in a 650mL bottle, because I'd buy a size bigger any day.

This IPA is nowhere nearly as bitter as other IPAs, keep that in mind. This is a flavoured brew, so the bitterness level of citrus and hops is instead replaced by the strong fusion of espresso flavouring. It's a great mix, but if you're into the Fat Tug and Lone Wolf IPAs, then you might not enjoy this as much.

This goes down as my new favourite flavoured non-Stout/Porter. It comes up huge and delivers on all fronts. A solid brew for a thirsty you!

The Tree Brewing Co. Molto Bella Espresso IPA gets a surprisingly-delicious 9.0 / 10

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