Thursday, 8 September 2016

East Cafe: VanCity's Hidden Gem.

Hey all! It's been awhile. My excuse? I've been sick. Really sick.

Since I went on hiatus, I'd developed both a gluten and beer intolerance. It turns out my Crohn's Disease had just flared up throughout my entire digestive tract, causing increasing resistance to food and drink of all types. I still do have lactose-intolerance; that is without a doubt (just sniff the air around me).

In other news, I'm married! YES, I married my dream Irish girl, Tammy :) and she has her own blog on hiatus, too.

I've been put on Prednisone, which means my stomach has become a bottomless pit, and I'm able to tolerate a lot more food now! I just have to stay away from alcohol during my treatment, and I should be on the road to recovery. Here's to some good luck in my future.


Besides all that, Tammy and I paid a visit to the East Cafe, near Nanaimo and Hastings in Vancouver. We used to live about 3-4 blocks from this place, and I'd sometimes wake up before Tammy and sneak out in the morning, only to return to her with a mocha or latte of some sort to wake her up with.

They also have the BEST freshly-baked muffins I've ever tasted. They come out of the oven when the cafe opens, and just watching them spoon them out of the tray like they're homemade makes my heart melt. My personal favourite? The chocolate chip muffin. Tammy always goes blueberry (can't blame her).

Mocha, made with coconut milk @ East Cafe
Vancouver, B.C. #nofilter

Tammy and I got their Mocha, mine with coconut milk and Tammy's with almond milk. This was the creamiest, smoothest, and most delicious mocha I've had in years. The espresso fluidly passed through the dark-but-not-too-dark chocolate and coconut milk combination.

I also got a maple-walnut muffin, and Tam got a blueberry...but those were eaten so fast we didn't get a picture. The cozy, warm and friendly atmosphere of this place reminds me of a Central Perk from Friends. We love to sit on the couch near the back. The staff are great as well!

A side note: Our visit back to the area was followed by a venture to Tacofino, where we inadvertently got sick after eating. No fault of their own, I'm assuming. Probably our digestive tracts screaming "THIS IS SPARTAAA" in sync.

In the end, if you ever have the privilege of being in this area, hit up this coffee shop! They are right on the corner of Nanaimo and Hastings. They also sell local jams, preserves, baked goods, and more. Much better than Starbucks. I wonder if they'll ever introduce a pumpkin spice latte?

I give the East Cafe a wish-this-was-my-local-again 10 / 10
Tammy gives the East Cafe a 10 / 10

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  1. Sounds like my kinda place! Would love to try their muffins - they sound devine!!!!