Friday, 22 January 2016

Dinesty (on Kingsway)

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These last few weeks, I've begun to realize how much I love food. It's a double-edged sword, with the amount of digestive issues I put up with. That aside, I bring you to a new-ish location of Dinesty Dumpling House, which has their main location in Richmond, and another location in Vancouver.

Tammy and I decided to take a walk along Kingsway, and we found ourselves at Dinesty Dumpling House. We didn't wait long to be seated - maybe five minutes or so. This was during a busy lunch rush, so we were appreciative of that!

The service was quick and polite. We had our tea poured for us, and we decided to share three items. The first dish to come to our table (within five minutes of ordering!) was the Shanghai Fried Noodles. The noodles were perfectly cooked, tossed in a savoury seasoning sauce, with some stir fried vegetables. They were addicting, and the plate was cleaned up pretty quick! They were only $9.95, and a portion of these could satisfy (close to) my entire appetite if I was super hungry. Okay, maybe it would satisfy everything-but-dessert. Either way, decent portion for the price.

Shanghai Fried Noodles @ Dinesty Dumpling House
Burnaby, BC
Photo: Brewji, Totally Tammy

Next up, we received our Xiao Long Bao (XBL) soup buns. They were smaller than I was expecting, but they looked delicious. We decided to get the steamed chicken XBLs, as most people get the pork -- I wanted to make sure they could do chicken well too!

Steamed Chicken Xiao Long Bao (XBL) @ Dinesty Dumpling House
Burnaby, BC
Photo: Brewji, Totally Tammy

I'd eaten XBLs with chopsticks once before in my life. Using that previous "experience", I attempted to try and teach Tammy (with assistance of the guide in the menu), how to approach the XBLs. First step is to pinch the top of the buns with your chopsticks, and place the XBL in the soup spoon. Then, poke a hole into the XBL and drain the broth into the spoon. From there, enjoy the broth and then eat it! These dumplings were delicious. The broth was on point, and the filling was tasty as well. At a price of $7.50, I've been told it's steep, but it satisfied us both.

Pan-Fried Beef Dumplings @ Dinesty Dumpling House
Burnaby, BC
Photo: Brewji, Totally Tammy

Pictured above were the Pan-Fried Beef Dumplings. These guys were the star of the show! Golden, fried and crispy outside, filled with juicy beef and more pastry. Who doesn't love fried pockets of beefy goodness? We could have easily ordered a few more of these, but we were stuffed after the first two courses. Two of these babies cost a mere $4.25. 

Overall, a restaurant that can serve up tasty, sizeable portions at a price my wallet doesn't cry over, makes for a good review! The service was quite pleasant as well, which bumps this up on the rating scale.

Dinesty Dumpling House (on Kingsway) gets a so-good-it-needs-to-be-re-written 8.5 / 10

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