Sunday, 26 April 2015

18 Karat Ale - Barkerville Brewing

Hey all! Since Brewji just hit a milestone in views, I decided to celebrate with a brew from smaller-town BC! Although Barkerville Brewing Co. takes its name from an old gold rush town in BC, they brew their suds in Quesnel, BC. If you've ever driven up to Prince George from Vancouver, chances are you've passed through (or visited) this lovely place. Barkerville Brewing Co. hasn't been brewing for very long (just over a year now?), and they're just beginning to get solid ground as they develop in the craft beer industry.

Long story short, I picked up the 18 Karat Ale from my local BC Liquor Store, and headed home to see how it'll do. It's categorized as an "Amber Ale", and since we're in BC, I guess I can throw that into a Northwestern Amber Ale.

Barkerville Brewing Co. 18 Karat Ale @ Brewji Home
Photo: Brewji

On first sniff, I get some citrus, a little bread-y malt, and a tingle (yes, I said tingle) of hops. Smells like your average APA (American Pale Ale), with a little kick of sweet malt.

On first sip, the citrus-y notes start, and turn into a bit of caramel malts, which then finish off with the tingle of hops. It's a very beginning-middle-end beer, which is a strong first impression from Barkerville! It's nothing over-the-top in terms of great beer, but I would definitely pick this over quite a few other Northwest Amber Ales out there.

A solid brew as it may be, as it warmed up I expected to taste more flavours, and expected it to unravel more richness in the taste. However, I was met with unhappy taste buds as the ale warmed. It docks a little from the score, but let's be honest -- other than me, who drinks ale that isn't fully chilled?

I give the Barkerville Brewing 18 Karat Ale a good-first-impression 7.0 / 10
Tammy gives the Barkerville Brewing 18 Karat Ale a 6.0 / 10

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