Monday, 9 March 2015

Red Hook - Brand New in Canada!

Hey all! Guess who's back in the game? That's right. I reviewed GIB's 4-pack a couple of days ago, and I'm on board to kick the train over with the Red Hook 3-pack I got in the mail on Friday!

Red Hook is brand new in Canada, as they're from Seattle and they're launching some brews up north. I had a great referral from Andrew at Beer Thirst, and he was able to grab me a few brews to try. Of course, being the gorgeous gentleman that I am, I split the beers with my girlfriend Tammy. We both had some choice words about these brews.

What were they like? Here's a visual look at how the bottles and beers looked:

1. Red Hook Long Hammer IPA (6.5% ABV)
Red Hook Long Hammer IPA @ Brewji Home
Photo Credit: Brewji

On the nose, I get hints of hops (obviously), and not even that much citrus at all. We weren't able to smell much. To be honest, we weren't terribly impressed with the smell of the brew. However, on first sip, one of the first things Tammy said to me was that this would be nice on a summer's day. I agree, seeing as if it was a pint or shared pitcher on a summer patio, this could be passed, even being an IPA. It's smoother and easier drinking than most IPA's out there.

This is a much easier transition IPA. I mean, this ain't no Steamworks Empress IPA, but it's definitely one of the IPA's I'd throw into a pile that you could transition someone into.

I give the Long Hammer IPA a yeah-I'd-hit-it 7.5 / 10
Tammy gives the Long Hammer IPA a 7.0 / 10

2. Red Hook Audible Ale (4.8% ABV)
Red Hook Audible Ale @ Brewji Home
Photo Credit: Brewji

Okay, let's get straight to it. I smelled this thing and it really smelled dank. There wasn't much to this at all, as the smell of any kind of hints of flavour were narrow. The things we did smell? They were unpleasant. I wouldn't call this a pale ale, nor would I call it an amber ale. I'd call it a stank lager. Sorry guys, but this is just one of those un-stomachable ales that's out there. I was so disgusted I asked Tammy if I could pour it.

However, being the nice guy that I am, I can see where if this was served at a bar, this could rock a summer beer on the patio from people that want more than just a lager at the table. I'd much rather prefer a Keith's or Rickard's ale any day of the week. That says a LOT.

I give the Red Hook Audible Ale a please-try-again 3.0 / 10
Tammy gives the Red Hook Audible Ale a 2.0 / 10

3. Red Hook ESB (5.8% ABV)
Red Hook ESB @ Brewji Home
Photo Credit: Brewji

Tammy and I took a whiff of this beer too, not expecting the greatest, but not judging before a good whiff / taste. Not surprisingly, this one didn't have the greatest smell, either. We could get a whiff of malts, not much hops at all (to be expected), but nothing outstanding that would make us want to dive in. However, we did just that.

We were surprisingly pleased with the taste, as it had hints of toffee, nuts, and roasted malts. It was quite delicious actually, in my opinion. Tammy is a little more hesitant to give a stronger positive vibe on this one, but I would actually pick and choose this on a menu if at a bar. This would be one of those "beers of choice" if I was going anywhere.

Way to go, Red Hook! You should establish yourself in Canada with this brew for sure. Compare this side by side with some of our competing BC products, and you should have some heads turned and taste buds converted.

I give the Red Hook ESB a surprisingly-good 8.0 / 10
Tammy gives the Red Hook ESB a 7.0 / 10


Cheers all!

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