Monday, 16 March 2015

Luck of the Irish Red Ale (Russell Brewing)

Everybody ready for St. Patrick's Day? The only correct answer is YES (or some form of it).

What did I come home to today? The day before St. Paddy's Day, Tammy had the Luck of the Irish Red Ale (ABV 5%) from Russell Brewing as a surprise brew, chilling in the fridge. Now, seeing as Tammy is Irish, I was intrigued to see what she would think about this brew.

We poured this out into our glasses, and I was immediately impressed by the pour, as the 1/8" of head stayed solid and didn't lace away. The copper-coloured ale looked impressive as well.

Russell Brewing - Luck of the Irish Red Ale @ Brewji Home
Photo: Brewji

On first sniff, there were malt-y notes, as well as hints of toffee. Seeing as it's 5%, I wasn't expecting a rush of overwhelming scented notes.

On first sip, we tasted the malt-y flavour right away, with a slight gesture of hops, and hints of toffee. It went down so smoothly, Tammy worded it as "Light, easy, and refreshing".

She compared it to a "Shandy", which I just learned is something very drinkable in Ireland. It's generally a Smithwick's mixed with lemonade, so you don't become inebriated too quickly, and it apparently goes down real smooth as well. I'll have to make sure to give one a try someday!

Overall, I have no real complaints about this brew at all. It's just tasty enough to not hit you too hard, is very smooth on the mouth-feel and carbonation, and is very session-able at 5% ABV.

I give the Luck of the Irish Red Ale a cula-bula 9.0 / 10
Tammy gives the Luck of the Irish Red Ale an 8.5 / 10

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