Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stanley Park Brewing Wit

A couple of months ago, Stanley Park released their Wit beer, and I was going to receive a sample to review. However, their third-party courier service decided to brew-block me and it mysteriously "disappeared". However, thanks to the fine staff at SPB, they hand-delivered this beautiful package to my door! I'll start this review by thanking them for this.

Stanley Park Brewing Wit (Belgian Style Wheat Beer) @ Brewji

I've been looking forward to putting something up from Stanley Park Brewing, seeing as I really enjoyed their Amber, and their Pilsner is up to par as well. I received an entire 6-pack of the Stanley Park Brewing Wit (Belgian Style Wheat Beer) (5.0% ABV; 16 IBU). The first thing I want to point out is that they have a little neck-tie of a guide around a couple of the bottles in the package.

Stanley Park Brewing Wit (Belgian Style Wheat Beer) @ Brewji
"Witual" Label

It explains their "Witual" (witty!), whereby you pour in 2/3 of the beer as per usual, do a little swirl with what's left on the inside, and pour the rest in. I'm guessing that this is so you don't leave any ingredients left behind. Then again I was never a big fan of wheat beers, so perhaps I should do my research on that?

Nonetheless, I can happily say I followed their "Witual" to achieve the desired pour.

Stanley Park Brewing Wit (Belgian Style Wheat Beer) @ Brewji

On first sniff, I get mild yeast-y banana notes, and a hint of orange zest. I think I have to give them props on that, I haven't had such a distinct, polite nose in a long time. Diving in to the first sip, it starts with a mouth full of wheat-y yeast goodness, followed by a hit of banana (kind of like those dried banana chips), and just a slight touch of orange and spice at the end. This is one brew that follows through, from nose to taste.

Folks, this is my new summer beer! Until someone else can prove me wrong, this is a solid wheat ale. Remember when I didn't use to like them so much? This is a resounding reminder of when I got lured into wheat ales. Its flavour palette is complex, but not too much; it leaves just enough to dissect easily and distinguish the ingredients.

That, and the price point at BC Liquor Stores is $11.99 for 6. That's cheaper than most corn-water that a lot of people buy! So plain and simple, I highly recommend this brew. If you liked the White Bark from Driftwood, or even if your only Wheat Beer experience has been a Rickards White, you gotta give this one a go.

The Stanley Park Brewing Wit gets a cold-brew-on-a-sun-drenched-patio 9.0 / 10

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