Thursday, 24 July 2014

GIB - False Creek Raspberry Ale!

Now I know you're going to bug me about this one, seeing as GIB is owned by the big guns of the beer industry, but if you're a newbie to craft brews, this one's for you! Plus, I don't think I've ever reviewed this one before on Brewji :)

This is a little something different, if all you're used to drinking is "whatever's cold". Granville Island has sent me stuff in the past, but seeing as I can't get a hold of their PR people anymore (maybe it's because I like beer too much?), I decided to go out and order a pint of their False Creek Raspberry Ale (ABV 4.5%; IBU 11).

Those of you who've tried this brew before know damn well that it's a hit. There's a reason why they brew it year after year. It's not going to be at the top of the chain of summer beers like the Steamworks Raspberry Frambozen, or even along the lines of the Helles Lager from Central City Brewing, but this is a stepping stone into the world of discovering new brews.

Granville Island Brewing - False Creek Raspberry Ale
@ Boston Pizza, Coquitlam B.C.    Photo: Brewji

Aside from the picture, which was taken at a dimly lit Boston Pizza in Coquitlam, it pours a pink-ish copper hue. It sort of looks like someone squirted syrup in the beer. But don't worry, I don't think they did. It also pours well with a slight quarter inch of head.

It smells like raspberry mixed with a bit of different sweetness, perhaps honey? There's also a little bit of hops to the nose. On first sip, you get a bit of sweetness and slight tartness from the raspberry taste. It's nothing super special, but a definite splash of colour if you're using to drinking Canadian. On the end taste, you do get a slight linger of raspberry and a grain-y taste. It still tastes like an ale, which is great, because a lot of the fruit-y beers out there taste more like coolers.

Overall, this brew is a solid patio beer. It's a brew where I wouldn't mind splitting a pitcher with someone, on a hot summer day, outside on the patio. Right now as I look outside, it's raining in Rain-couver, but there's sun in the distant forecast.

In the end, grab these while they're still in season! If you've never had one before, it's a no-brainer. Easily a repeat-purchase brew, as it's consistently good and well-liked during the summer.

The GIB - False Creek Raspberry Ale gets an I'll-have-another 8.0 / 10

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