Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA

Now I've never made a post about an IPA for people that are new to IPAs. But this one deserves the crown. I've been asked by a few people which IPA they want to get into, as their significant other, or some friends are getting into the beer scene. Keep in mind, a true IPA is usually packed with flavour. Keith's "IPA" is not an IPA.

If you think you really like the Alexander Keith's IPA, well, that's actually a lager. I don't know how they got away with it, but the Keith's IPA is just another macro-brew econo-lager. Keep in mind though, that the Keith's Red, White, and Dark are all worthy of a taste.

ANYWAY, I was at my local pub the other day, and decided to sit down and try the Whistler Brewing Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA (6.8%, 75 IBU). The beer itself, at 6.8% is stronger than your average brew, and packs some solid taste, while at the same time, not overpowering your taste buds.

The reason I say this is a great IPA for people that are wanting to try an IPA without being overwhelmed with nasty, bitter, undrinkable characteristics, is because this beer packs flavour. I mean, you'll get the bittnerness of the IPA, but at the same time, you'll get well-rounded characteristics which don't overpower each other. This is a true IPA, which means it's a sipper beer.

Whistler Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA (6.8%, 75 IBU)
Blame my iPhone 4 for the picture quality.
On first sniff (always make sure to sniff test...mmm hops), I get a nose of hops, citrus peels, and maybe a slight undertone of caramel malt. It's pretty much your standard west coast IPA smell.

On taking the first sip, it comes out strong at first. The bitterness is the first taste you get, followed by a mellowing out of the bitterness, being replaced by the citrus and malty flavours of the brew. The mellowing out of the flavours is the key to having this be a transition into liking IPAs. It still packs IPA flavour, but allows the taste buds to enjoy all of the flavours without packing too much punch.

The flavours are well balanced, and there is no disappointment in the craftsmanship put into this beer. It pours a great amber colour, exactly the right amount of head, and goes down smooth. I highly recommend this beer to both new IPA drinkers, and to seasoned beer geeks like myself.

The Whistler Brewing Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA gets a well rounded, give-me-another-one 8.5 / 10

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