Thursday, 22 November 2012

More like BESTspresso Stout!

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Seeing as I've recently returned from a trip to Victoria, B.C., I'm going to start off by introducing my new favourite Espresso Stout!

Voltage Espresso Stout by Hoyne Brewing Co., Victoria, B.C.
Alcohol content: 5.6%

The photo quality is always going to be blog-quality. This means that I was too busy having an awesome vacation to snap a photo-shoot photo.

On first pour, this espresso stout pours very dark, with tan coloured head. Immediately on the pour, I could smell the aroma of roasted malt, espresso (which is local to Victoria), and chocolate. I don't know how to describe the feeling I got, I remember a chill down my spine as I stared at my girlfriend in awe. I had a great feeling about this beer, and I was right. Even she liked this beer. She doesn't normally like beer. The only other two beers she has liked since she's met me are the Whistler Chestnut Ale, and the Red Racer ESB.

My bottle of this beer was not very much carbonated, but the blend between the bitter and the sweet was done so well, the formation of flavour on every taste bud in my mouth was like discovering a new wonder of the world. Mark my words, discovering a new wonder of the world. My mouth is watering just typing this article!

I was being ambitious when I realized I bought so much of this stout, that I was becoming full and decided it would be a good idea to cook with what was left of this stout. I began to make a video on YouTube about it, but I didn't get a chance to film the actual cooking or the eating because it smelled too good and tasted even better!

This is the 43 seconds of footage I was able to snap:

This is truly in my Top 3 Beers I have EVER tasted. Go out and get some, it's a limited brew!

What would I rate it?
This is honestly the best beer I've had since the Longboat Chocolate Porter, which was previously published as the #1 brewed beer within all of BC in an article I wrote for SFU's newspaper The Peak.  Along with that Longboat Chocolate Porter, this beer gets a solid 10!

Not only does the taste, texture, aroma, and everything else about it get me going, but it is so versatile.  You can cook with it, drink it, marinate with it, and it can be used in so many ways to add flavour to foods, sauces, and coffee (yes, I said coffee).

The Hoyne Brewing Co. Voltage Espresso Stout gets a PERFECT 10 / 10

Absolutely delicious.



  1. Excellent review, I am very interested in trying this stout in marinades.

  2. I'm not sure if you can get this particular brew where you are, but if you want to use a marinade for cooking steak like I did, try the Mill St. Coffee Porter :) it's available at "The Beer Store" in Ontario.