Sunday, 25 November 2012

Banana Bread? Yes please!

If I ever told you that Banana Bread + Beer would make an excellent combination, you'd probably look at me funny. It's exactly what I thought too, until I discovered the Banana Bread Beer from Wells & Young's Ltd. This beer is actually brewed with bananas, and comes straight from the UK. They might not know how to cook, but they can certainly brew!

At first glance, it even comes in a clear bottle and shows off it's pretty colours. I knew I had to try it. You know most beers like this are usually hit or miss, and everyone that tried this with me had positive reactions to it.

On first pour, the Banana Bread Beer had a crisp-looking texture to it, and had about 1/2 to 1 inch of head before it dissipated. I took the glass to my nose and sniffed it, and it really did have hints of bananas. I felt like one of those wine people, swirling it in the glass and sniffing away at the banana bread-y goodness.

My initial first sip gave immediate flavourings of a honey brown ale mixed with a hint of banana bread, and then the taste goes away until after you've swallowed your sip. Then you can taste the hint of banana and it is just brilliant! The banana taste is put into the beer in such a way that it's noticeable but not overwhelming by any means. It is not too carbonated, which works with the way that it's flavoured; there are a lot of delicate tastes that you can pick up.

It's priced at $3.50 for a 500mL bottle at BC Liquor Stores, and is definitely worth a try!

What food would go well with this beer?
Well, honestly I would prefer to drink this on its own. It would probably go well with breads, grains, and carbs. I might actually suggest good ol' cheddar and crackers.

How does it stack up?
The Wells and Young's Brewing Ltd. Banana Bread Beer gets a solid 8.5 / 10

-- It's not only something to experience once because of its unique taste, but I've had this on many occasions. This is a beer where you walk into the liquor store, see it across the aisle, and go "Oh yeah, definitely gotta pick up one of those."

As always, Cheers!


  1. I want to try this beer! I love banana bread and when I heard about banana beer my heart skipped a beat, this was made for me.

  2. Thanks Aaqil! Let me know if you give it a try, hopefully I lead you on the right track :)