Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bobos Burgers (Abbey St)

Well, it's been awhile since my last post. I've been enjoying so much Kerala Kitchen and Kanum Thai lately that I haven't had a chance to get out and try anything new. Plus, those places have been generally safe for my gut, with so many gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free options on their menus.

Speaking of safe, my gut was in turmoil a week or so ago, so the abundance of new food has been sparse at best. Keeping things ultra-safe has been a top priority lately.

However, this morning I had to visit the blood clinic at a local hospital to get my blood-work done. After fasting from 7:30pm the night before, all the way to about 12 noon today, you can imagine how decaffeinated and hungry my body was.

What better-feeling way to replace calories, than to take on a gluten-free burger at a new burger joint? Tammy and I went to Bobos Burgers, in Dublin 1 on Abbey Street.

We'd heard great things about the place, and we even won "free burgers" through a Facebook post/contest thing. However, the vouchers expired months ago and they were only good Monday to Wednesday, during working hours. We were initially a little put off by this, but I was so hungry today and I wanted one of those burgers that I saw in the pictures—I got one.

The Sex on the Farm @ Bobos Burgers, Abbey St

I ordered the "Sex on the Farm" burger, with beef mince chili, Dubliner cheddar, a 7oz prime patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, jalapeno red pepper sauce, and a bit of creme fraiche to top it all off—on a gluten-free bun. It was mega-sized.

I had to tackle this burger in two-bite sequences to start, alternating between bottom-half and top-half bites.

The flavour? Oh my god. Right away, this burger blew my previous 'perfect ten' out the window. It's like when you finally don't have to use a rubber and you know for a fact there's no risk involved. I don't think I can go back to regular burgers anymore! (*deep breath*) Let's just say I remember picking the burger up, stuffing it into my face and enjoying every moment of it, and then it was gone.

Oh, and we got a portion of chunky chips, too. They were proper chips. We added salt and pepper to taste.

Chunky Chips @ Bobos Burgers, Abbey St

Tammy got "The Applewood", which she found absolutely incredible. She said the only imperfection was the apple relish was a teeny bit too sweet for her taste.

The Applewood @ Bobos Burgers, Abbey St

I can safely say my burps tasted delicious, and my hands smelled like chili for the next while (and it made me so happy!). Oh, and I forgot to mention our service was pretty decent as well. We were a little rushed on the ordering, but that was our own fault. I said I was ready to order but I clearly needed more time (they have so much choice!).

Side note: Yes I understand there's dairy in the burger. I'm currently paying for it as I write this. But, I knew the risks ahead of time and it was my choice to take on pain for pleasure. This was sooo worth the lactose-intolerant aftermath.

We also ordered coffee, and it was pretty solid. As a Vancouverite (much like those from Seattle), I'm allowed to be picky with my coffee. I liked it here!

Coffee @ Bobos Burgers, Abbey St

Bobos Burgers: 50 Shades of Burger Bliss
Food: 10
Service: 7
Value($): 9.5
Would we return? YES

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