Monday, 17 June 2013

Steamworks - Raspberry Frambozen

Hey everyone, it's getting close to summer time, and you know what that means? Summer seasonal brews are coming to town! Well actually, they've already arrived. I've had the chance to sample some of this year's best, and today, I have to let you know about the 2013 Steamworks Raspberry Frambozen (ABV 8.5%). I've been told about this one before, and always meant to try it. Last time I went to Steamworks, I had their Empress IPA, so I was excited to have their summer seasonal. I tried the Framboz├źn at the Hop and Vine in Burnaby.

I ordered this brew on tap, as it was on special that night. I thought I'd seen it before, but my buddy Danny ordered it and it looked completely different from when I was at Steamworks. This poured a deep reddish amber colour. Plus, I could smell the Raspberry from where I was sitting. When I got it, I realized it looks nothing like other fruit beers. So I took a sniff, and it smelled like a tart raspberry, mixed with a bit of a Belgian ale. If you're unfamiliar with the smell of a Belgian ale, imagine yeast-y scents. But the tart raspberry was en par with the Belgian ale smell. Deliciously tempting for that first sip.

Steamworks Raspberry Framboz├źn - @ Hop and Vine Neighbourhood Pub, Burnaby B.C.

As I dove into this brew, the taste was impeccable. I initially got a hit of the tart raspberry, and the Belgian ale taste, but no one flavour overpowered any other flavour. It stayed in perfect balance all through the sip. It had a long finish, as the taste lingered, but at no point was the brew too bitter, too sweet, or too anything. The alcohol content in this beer is 8.5%, and it drinks like a 5.5% beer. It's so smooth, and goes well with anything summer. It's definitely a patio beer, and I'd rank it at the top of the charts. If you're a lager person, you'll like the Helles Lager that I reviewed from Central City. If you're a fruity beer or pale ale kind of person, you'll absolutely love this as your summer beer.

I ended up drinking almost half of the brew before Danny reminded me to take a picture. It's best to sip on this one, as the high alcohol content can deliver the buzz faster than normal. The most stand-out characteristic of this beer is that it's a Belgian Triple, at 8.5%, and the taste is just perfectly balanced. There is no way you can leave this one untapped, as it's probably one of the best summer brews you'll ever have.

The Steamworks Raspberry Frambozen gets a sweet, perfectly balanced 9.5 / 10

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